Indiabulls Securities - Fighting from 8 years to indiabulls.

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In june 2006, When I got my account statement of Oct’2006, I found out a debit of Rs. 14022.00 (approx.), when I enquired about it to my relationship manager of indiabulls, he told me that he invested this money in Futures & Options on 18/10/2006 in OPTSTK RELIANCE 26-OCT-06 1230 CA (Contract note attached) which got expired by itself on 26/10/2006 and all my money became zero.

I asked him that how can he do this without my permission and I will complaint against him in Indiabulls. He said that he cannot do anything and he already left the job of indiabulls. So, I met the office head of my account branch i.e. vashi, Mumbai and the office head told me that indiabulls cannot do anything as the person responsible has already left the job but he will look in the matter and will find some solution to it.

When approx. four months gone and nothing happened, I filed my complaint on the registered email id of indiabulls i.e. about the same and I got the reply that they are looking in the matter. Then in approx.

every six months I keep filing my complaint and always got the same reply that they are still looking in the matter. When I was not getting any positive response from indiabulls, then I search for higher authority and I found out that SEBI is the only alternative as it deals with these type of complaints. I also look for consumer forum also but found out that every complaint related to market dealt by SEBI only so didn’t opted for consumer forum. I filed my complaint in SEBI twice in the year 2009 by registering my complaint from their website but no one responded or entertained my complaint from SEBI.

I again start filing my complaint on the registered email id of indiabulls.When the comes into existence, I tried my indiabulls complaint through and I am very happy to say that starts taking action in the matter. The launch of is the best step in the financial market of India. They really listens. Now, from eight years I am fighting for my hard earned money but still got nothing.

My case is under process in NSE with ref. no. NSE/ISC/2013/ 1307280875601322 (for proof) and I bet that I will never leave the culprit to go away so easily.

I am proud to say that I am fighting from 8 years and found no support in my great country’s legal structure. To prove me as investor of indiabulls, My dmat a/c of indiabulls is DP ID 12029900, CLIENT ID 02957690 & online client ID is 289169.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Indiabulls Securities - India Bulls Home Loans

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"¢ All false information. The loan can never be processed in 48 hours then why do people update the same on their websites.

"¢ I receive a sanction letter (attached) from the home loans department on June 22, 2012 and I have submitted all my document on June 14, 2012. People do not value others time at India Bulls. They should not promise wrong information to the customer.

"¢ Now, tomorrow I have my registration at Uppal office and still I don't have the cheque details and they say you will it all by June 30, 2012.

"¢ No service was provided at my doorstep. The reason they give is because you went through a third party agent. All I did is "I have posted a add on Sulekha saying I am looking for home loans and the agent called me."

I am still waiting for the cheque and no details. My registration slot is been booked for tomorrow morning and I have to pay the Challen for the registration. Still wondering what I have to do.

When I have been to the bank along with my husband on Tuesday people promised me that the cheque will be ready by Friday. Its End of the day Friday and still waiting for the details.

My recommendation to everyone would be NEVER CHOOSE INDIA BULLS. I had taken a home loan with ICICI bank 3 years back and things went so smoothly. This the most pathetic service I have ever experienced. Even I work for a Customer Service organization but always showed empathy.

Treat your customers as your people. Work for them and then the customer will respect the services. This is the way you can retain your customers. But if you do not provide service for the first time only people will never trust INDIABULLS.

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Indiabulls Securities - Misrepesentation and fraudulent activities

Andheri,Uttar Pradesh
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I would like to highlight the following points mentioned below

a) Misrepresentation: Brokerage charged on the above transactions is 5 times the transaction value. It was informed by Mr. Suneel Kumar Singh that brokerage charged would be 2.5% on the transaction value.

b) Fraudulent Practice: The advice of buying December Put Option @5700 ( 3000 Qty) one day before the last trading session when the cash market was trading at close to 6000 was unexpected from a professional advisor. These Put Options had no takers in the market.

From the above, it is clearly evident that the advices were provided with clear intentions of meeting targets for the brokerages at the cost of the ignorant client.

I have launched an official complain (Acknowledgement No : 4194812.) at the grievance cell. However, I am yet to receive any call or feedback on the same.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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